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How to use Gleam Face and Body Radiance
Gleam Face and Body Radiance Colour Shades

Totally inclusive products, each Gleam Colour is usable on all skin colours

Before and After on Deep skin tone
Before and After of6 shades on Medium Deep skin
Before and After Images on Fair skin
Before and After on Medium Skin tone
Before and After on Olive skin tone
Before and After on Light skin tone

Whether you are a professional Makeup Artist looking for the perfect skin finish or an individual just wanting a perfect summer glow, Gleam is the product you've been searching for.

As the only Australian Stockist, Melinda Wenig fell in love with these products and wanted to share with the rest of Australia. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Illuminating Primer
Mix with Foundation
Body Makeup
Leg Makeup
Body Shimmer
Makeup, Moisturiser & Glow, All in One
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