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Lipstick / Precise Concealer Brush MM18 X Omnia

Lipstick / Precise Concealer Brush MM18 X Omnia



This ultra soft blending brush lightly lays down color, softens edges, and blends shadow seamlessly. Its small, flat shape also makes it ideal for setting concealer in small areas of the face without disturbing the makeup underneath.

This soft blending brush has buttery soft Omnilux™ filaments for perfect pickup and release and the exclusive cranberry metallic hue makes it a standout in any collection!


OMNIA® has teamed up with Melanie Mills Hollywood® to equip professionals with stunning, handcrafted brushes to enhance their artistry.



The narrow, oval shape of this small lip brush makes it perfect for defining lips and painting lipstick or gloss on any size lips. It can also be used to precisely apply concealer around the lip area to clean up lipstick in a pinch. Melanie loves this brush for lipstick and perfecting concealer around lip lines.

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