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Fluffy Crease Brush MM09 X Omnia

Fluffy Crease Brush MM09 X Omnia



This fluffy crease brush is perfectly sized for expert application for blending shadows into the crease for seamless definition.

This soft blending brush has buttery soft Omnilux™ filaments has perfect pickup and release so color concentration is never lost during blending and the exclusive cranberry metallic hue makes it a standout in any collection!


OMNIA® has teamed up with Melanie Mills Hollywood® to equip professionals with stunning, handcrafted brushes to enhance their artistry.



The ideal lightweight fluffy density to blend shadows into the crease seamlessly. Melanie loves this brush to apply powder and cream eyeshadows to crease and seamlessly blend together different colors into each other.

Ultra-soft Omnilux™ filaments utilize crystal-micron technology to create a surface on the synthetic filament that resembles natural hair.

The tapered, artist-length handle is elegant and perfect for professional use.

Exclusive cranberry metallic for a bold and glam look.

Synthetic, Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Recommended to wash with soap & water. Brush cleaners can stiffen the filaments. Try our MMH Love Infused Cleanse & Release Brush Soap.

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