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Angled Concealer Brush MM11 X Omnia

Angled Concealer Brush MM11 X Omnia



This sharply angled, professional concealer brush is perfect for under eyes allowing an artist to precisely apply any concealer and to carve out a dramatic contour. The small head can get into detail areas of the face while the long fibers ensure makeup goes on smoothly. This angled concealer brush has Omnilux™ filaments for perfect pickup and release and the exclusive cranberry metallic hue makes it a standout in any collection!


OMNIA® has teamed up with Melanie Mills Hollywood® to equip professionals with stunning, handcrafted brushes to enhance their artistry.



The ideal density and length to apply Gleam, moisturizers, serums , concealer and contour. Melanie loves this brush for under eye brightening with Gleam and to use for contour and concealer.

Ultra-soft Omnilux™ filaments utilize crystal-micron technology to create a surface on the synthetic filament that resembles natural hair.

The tapered, artist-length handle is elegant and perfect for professional use.

Exclusive cranberry metallic for a bold and glam look.

Synthetic, Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Recommended to wash with soap & water. Brush cleaners can stiffen the filaments. Try our MMH Love Infused Cleanse & Release Brush Soap.

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