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All in One Makeup, Moisturiser & Glow - BRONZE GOLD Gleam Face & Body Radiance

All in One Makeup, Moisturiser & Glow - BRONZE GOLD Gleam Face & Body Radiance


Get glowing, sexy skin in an instant with Gleam Face & Body Radiance by Melanie Mills Hollywood! Gleam Face & Body Radiance is a revolutionary all in one Makeup, Moisturizer & Glow you can use for face and body.  As head makeup artist on “Dancing With The Stars”, Melanie recognized there was a huge void in the market for high-quality, easy-to-use, good for your skin, body makeup that could also be used for the face. Gleam Face & Body Radiance was then born on the set and tested on the dancers and celebrities on live TV! Gleam Face & Body Radiance stands out from all other brands thanks to a high-pigment formula that provides instantaneous glowing color yet resists transfer. Unlike many competitive products, Gleam Face & Body Radiance has golden undertones and a soft, dry finish; it does not streak or stain. A shade for every skin tone, yet every skin tone can use each shade for different end results. Created for HD TV, Gleam Face & Body Radiance provides a flawless finish with no “flashback”, leaving skin radiant, youthful and naturally flawless.

Color: Bronze Gold

    • Easy to use! Don’t be intimidated by the color, because it’s a moisturizer too it just melts into the skin
    • Creates youthful radiant skin
    • Your legs and skin will look better than ever! Get ready for skin compliments- they won’t stop!
    • It’s buildable. The more you use the more color & coverage you will get
    • Mix up the shades. Create your own custom color by mixing any of the shades together
    • Lighter shades don’t go ashy on darker skin tones and darker shades don’t look like a fake or bad tan on lighter skin tones
    • Doesn’t get all over the place, if it happens to transfer a little, it doesn’t stain, usually a baby wipe will take it out
    • Blurs & Diminishes discolorations and small varicose veins
    • Cellulite diffuser
    • Once dried looks natural
    • Sensuous Vanilla Orchid Essence
    • Noncomedogenic
    • Formulated without gluten or parabens
    • Cruelty-free and Vegan

    Non refundable and no exchange on this product, so please choose carefully

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