HEalth & SAfety

During these COVID-19 times Melinda thought it would be a good time to list the Hygiene & Safety procedures she uses to keep her clients safe, most of these have been standard prior to this pandemic, but just for your knowledge.

* Disposable makeup/hair capes

* Wearing gloves during service

* Face mask to wore by Melinda during services

* Melinda's hands are washed for more than 20 seconds or sanitised prior to starting your service

* All surfaces and products she works from are completely sanitised with 70% alcohol which is more effective than 99% as 99% dries to quickly to allow time enough to kill off infection whereas 70% takes longer to dry, therefore killing germs etc more effectively.

* Brushes are only used on one client, different set for each client

* All products are decanted prior to using on your face, onto a palette, tissue or spatula. This stops cross contamination.

* Disposable mascara wands are used at all times and thrown in the bin after each person. 

* Time allowed between clients to sanitise the area prior to the next talent or client




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