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Silk & Velvet Night Cream

Silk & Velvet Night Cream

SKU: 21554345656

The Silk & Velvet Night Cream’s natural active ingredients and concentrated vitamins will restore, repair and revitalise your appearance. It works while you sleep to give you radiant and glowing skin in the morning.


    Silk and Velvet Night Cream is a powerful, concentrated blend of nutrients and vitamins formulated to hydrate, restore and revitalise your skin.

    Silk and Velvet Night Cream contains:

    •Vitamin A for penetrating the skin and reducing fines lines and wrinkles;
    Vitamins C and E for rejuvenation and strengthening capillaries and improving blood flow;
    •Silk Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid for retain moisture and hydrating the skin
    •Rosehip Oil soothing visible signs of ageing by working overtime to moisturise and nourish your skin.

    How to get the best results

    Apply one pump to fingertips in the evening. Using both hands, gently pat the cream on the face, starting at the chin working up towards the forehead. Follow with the outer sides of the face, ensuring an even coverage.




    Shipping is via Australia Post

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