Why the videos

During Covid's initial lock down in Sydney, NSW as a Makeup Artist & Hairstylist straight away all work ceased. I was not working for at least 14 weeks, so during this time instead of going stir crazy or into a deep depression I decided to have a look at how I could help clients in the future for two reasons; Firstly for people who due to lack of funds from Covid would not be able to afford my services and secondly in case this wasn't something that went away for a really long time and maybe my work wouldn't be able to happen being that it is face to face work.

I looked at places where I was able to provide Makeup Tutorials for the everyday person in ways that may have not already been available or for the non-mainstream persons. The most exciting for me was the Makeup for over 60's everyday looks. Mature aged women are my favourite Makeup to do as I am able to make them feel alive and fresh with a little bit of Makeup. Using the correct products and correct placement it's amazing the change you can make. Then came the over 40's revamp and the rest of the everyday tutorial videos in a range of skin colours. Then my final Stage Makeup for parents of Dancers was something I thought would help those parents that either don't wear makeup or are single parents, especially Fathers who are feeling out of their comfort zone during concert or eisteddfod times. I have tried to keep the cost affordable, starting from $12 - $49 and each copy is yours to keep, so you can watch them over and over every time you need some help or advice. Check them out and let me know your thoughts.

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