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Many people who know me, know I hate selling anything, I worked many years in sales and really did not like and still to this day, don't like salespeople! Especially not Car Salesmen, and I can say this as I worked in a car yard for a while and ended up quitting the job when they sold an elderly lady a used vehicle for the price she could have bought a new car, if only she had walked to the New Car side of our yard. I found this utterly despicable... hence why I quit.

So after years of different cosmetic companies trying to get me to sell there products, to which I have never wanted to do... I suppose it's a bit weird I have know decided to start an online store.

My reason for this is, I am always being asked by clients what products I prefer? What are my favourites? Or why I use use the brands I do. So I have decided to add to my services and help my friends, client and colleagues to be able to access my recommended 'Favourite Products' on my store, quickly and easily. Each product I have selected is there for a specific reason and I hope you can take the time to check it out and give me any feedback. In future blogs, I'll give you some insight into why I have chosen the products I have and who and how they can benefit specific individuals.

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