Things aren't always as they seem

For so long I always figured I had fallen into makeup as an accident. I was getting married and had the wedding postponed already once as my Father in Law had fallen ill and was unable to fly to our 'Destination Wedding' so 8 months later we decided to get married with 2 weeks notice. Yes, 2 weeks! I'm a pretty chilled individual and wasn't after a crazy big wedding. (We had 3 honeymoons instead) Anyways, I was working as a Corporate Travel Consultant at this stage and had minimal time to organise things if they weren't on the internet. And back when I got married 11 years ago, there wasn't a lot on the internet, not compared to today. So I decided to book one of the only Makeup Artists that I could find and had no time for a trial, just figured she should be good as at the time she worked on TV, so I thought that meant she'd be great at what you did.

The Wedding day arrives and I arrive at the Salon to get my Makeup done and my first question from the Makeup Artist was ... Do you want brown or grey? I'm sorry, what? Do you want brown or grey? I'm still looking puzzled as I ask brown or grey what? Eye shadow. That's what I have to choose between, brown or grey eye shadow. I was pretty baffled at this stage as she had a giant palette on a stand with about 60 colours on it, but all I was permitted to have was brown or grey?... I went on to ask her if I could have a soft pink and a little black at the outer corners of my eye just to enhance the lash line, to which she said no. From here it just seemed to go down hill, as I tried back and forward the whole makeup over to get what I wanted, to which I walked out of there with Champagne and navy??? Which did absolutely nothing to enhance my natural features, let alone the fact I have never even worn navy clothes my whole life as it clashed with my green eyes and skin tone. So to say nothing more than disappointed would be how I felt that day. I had paid so much money (more than I even charge today) to get something that I wasn't happy with. This is the point were I decided to go and do a Makeup Course, so I never had to pay any to do my makeup again.

I chatted with my work and sorted a part time course to work around my work hours and then something completed not expected happened. Some major things happened at work and I quit! Out of the blue I quit. All of the sudden I couldn't get a job at another Travel Agency as I had paid all this money to do a Makeup Course which was all these unusual hours, so there it was... I decided, I just have to become a Makeup Artist then. And without any thought whatsoever, that changed my direction of my life.

It still cracks me up when I think about at the start of how little thought went into this major life I change, but it was just the start of what I thought was just another job to add to my other 10 jobs I had already done over 17 years. In the search for career satisfaction, I had never thought I would end up a Professional Makeup Artist & Hairstylist. And even as I did start my journey into being a Makeup Artist & Hairstylist I had allows considered I must be good at this as I'm vain. For years I always felt so shallow when I explained what I did when people asked. It was only about 6 years into Makeup when someone was asking about what I did and they commented on how rewarding it must be, transforming peoples looks and making them feel good. All of the sudden I found myself giving an example of a client who never looked in the mirror as she hated her reflection. I went on to say how after her makeup was done and I had commented on my way of doing her makeup how good specific features were that she had, by the end she looked at herself in the mirror and liked her reflection, she was so happy she had a tear in the eye and I watched her catch glimpses in the mirror several times while her friend was getting her makeup. It was such an awesome moment to be a part of and with this conversation I had realised that what I do, and the reason I do what I do is 'More to it than just makeup' it's about Empowering women of all ages to see ourselves as more than just uneven skin or a crocked nose. We need to see ourselves as a whole person, I want to help women to feel good about themselves. Be happy with the reflection in the mirror, not if you were skinnier, or had more perfect eyebrows. Embrace your strengths and focus on the good you bring to the table and everything else will shine.

What I want from this Blog is to share my knowledge to enable other women... no matter their age, socioeconomic status, or skin colour to use makeup as a tool to help finish off the perfection and uniqueness that is already there. I hope you enjoy the journey and I would love to hear your feedback as how I can help you with your journey called life.

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